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We are so excited here in Concannon Opticians!
We have been waiting months for these lenses to arrive.
We have been reading about them for approximately 3 years.
We are so proud to announce that we are the FIRST optometry practice in the island of Ireland to get them!! The first!! Andrea has been jumping through hoops to get them to her patients and all her hard work has paid off.
Whats so special about these lenses some of you may be asking??
These are the world's first 1 day soft disposable contact lens shown to substantially slow the progression of myopia/short sightedness in children/teenagers.
After a 3 yr study in 4 different countries they have finally been released.

Nearsightedness is becoming an epidemic in the western world. Children and teenagers are spending more time than ever on devices and less time than ever outdoors.
The more time they spend at near visual tasks, the less time they are using their eyes in the distance and this seems to be triggering (in some children) the eye to axially grow, hence they are becoming more short sighted.
The more myopic the eye becomes, the more stretched it is at the back and hence it has more risk of developing retinal tears, glaucoma, cataracts etc in the future.
This is the reason we want to slow the myopia progression. We want to prevent visual problems in the future for all the near sighted people out there.
There are a few wonderful websites that explain this phenomenon far better than us and we strongly urge you to visit them.
1) www.myopiaprevention.org

So if your eyes are getting worse in the distance or your childrens eyes are, these lenses may be the only solution for you.
They can be worn from the age of 7-8yrs of age if our optometrists feels the child is mature enough and there is plenty of support at home.
We have a duty to protect our childrens sight/eye health.
Contact us on 091-586748 for more information.

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