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There is no escaping the internet. It is an amazing invention and it has changed the world and brought the world into our homes.
And how we access the world wide web??? With our desk tops, lap tops, ipads, tablets, phones etc etc.
And by using our eyes, our eyes, our eyes, our eyes......get the picture??

One side effect of all this device use is DRY EYES.
There is no escaping the internet...unless you live on the north pole.
It is an amazing invention and it has changed the world and brought the world into our homes.
And how do we access the world wide web? With desk tops, lap tops, ipads, tablets, phones and ipods.
And by using our eyes, our eyes, our eyes, our eyes.................
One side effect of all this device use is Dry Eyes. 
Our blink rate reduces significantly while scanning the screen so we are no longer self lubricating our eyes.
Both adults and youngsters are vulnerable to this.
Signs of dry eyes can be : pink sore looking eyes, excessive eye rubbing or blinking.
Symptoms of dry eyes can be: itchy, scratchy, burning or tired eyes.
Dry eyes can be relieved with an over the counter eye lubricating drop. There are many kinds so try a few until you find one that suits you.
An eye examination for you or your children will diagnose the dry eyes.
A much more devastating negative side effect to all this screen use is the growing incidence of Myopia/ Shortsightedness we are seeing in children, teenagers and young adults.
Myopia (shortsightedness) has always been around but its incidence is becoming epidemic in recent years ( Digital Device Era).
We are seeing it begin earlier and earlier in children - and once it starts, there is no going back.
The earlier it starts, the worse it will get (usually).
The myopia worsens with increasing use of eyes at near.
⦁So, in simple terms, if your child is short sighted, their short sightedness is going to worsen, the more time they spend at near visual tasks ( phones, ipads, reading etc).
⦁If your child is not short sighted  but one/both of their parents are, then they are increasing their chances of becoming shortsighted (sooner and by a larger degree) by using screens excessively.
⦁Lastly, we are seeing children/teenagers becoming shortsighted, even with no family history of myopia, because of excessive use of their eyes at near.
We can not stop our children using the devices but we can help them by restricting time spent on them.
Regular breaks are the key to preventing this issue. Every 20 mins, we recommend a break for a few minutes. We recommend the child looks away or changes their focus into the distance. We use timers in our house.
We need to regularly and often use our eyes in the distance, eg TV, looking out the window, going for a walk.
We advice limiting near tasks (after school/work) to 2 hours per day. This also includes leisure time - ensure it is not primarily spent on hand held devices or other close vision tasks like reading, drawing , Lego. On the weekends, ensure a balance between inside and outside time.
Less screen time, more green time (time spent outdoors).
Why are we interested in controlling myopia progression?
The more our myopia progresses, we are at increased risk of vision loss at a later stage.
Higher myopes are more at risk of Cataract, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment and Maculopathy.
So it is our duty, as eyecare practitioners, to educate and inform our patients (and their parents) of the high risk of vision loss and to do all we can to prevent it happening.
Childrens eye examinations here in Concannon Opticians are €25 euros

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optician galwayDid you know that our high quality eye examination is FREE for eligible PRSI and medical card claimants? The process is simple and we can guide you through each step

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