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People wear contact lenses for a number of different reasons. Some people use them for sports, some for social occasions, while others prefer them to wearing glasses. Whatever the reason, contact lenses represent a great alternative to glasses. Children can also be suitable for contact lenses and this can have a major impact on their confidence during school and their proficiency at sport. Andrea has fitted children as young as eight with contact lenses.

At Andrea Concannon Opticians we offer contact lenses from all the major suppliers including Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision, Ciba Vision and Bausch & Lomb, as well as other more specialised suppliers. Contact lenses are being developed all the time and more people than ever are now suitable candidates for them. So if you’ve previously been told there are no contacts suitable for you, then that may no longer be the case.

Andrea  travels abroad regularly to conferences held by contact lens researchers and manufacturers. Therefore,  her knowledge and expertise in this field is always up to date with the latest advances and best practises. Andrea is also a member of the British Contact Lens Association, which ensures her knowledge  is updated monthly through access to their publications.

If you would like to have a contact lens assessment, please contact Andrea Concannon Opticians Galway on 091 586748.





Medical Cards / PRSI

optician galwayDid you know that our high quality eye examination is FREE for eligible PRSI and medical card claimants? The process is simple and we can guide you through each step

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Up until a few weeks ago I never knew that there was an alternative to laser eye surgery so when I found out about the Ortho K lenses that allow me to wear...

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