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At Andrea Concannon Opticians Galway, we believe that by educating our patients they will not only benefit by maximising their vision, but also from having an awareness of how to control or prevent medical conditions that could damage it.

That’s why throughout and at the end of your eye examination, you will be informed of its findings. Medical issues if found, e.g. gluacoma, cataracts and macular degeneration will be explained in straightforward language. A course of action to alleviate problems or prevent damage will be discussed and  referral to a specialist eye consultant will be made, if required, with your informed consent.

Even with more common, manageable problems like dry-eye syndrome or blepharitis, the cause of these will be explained and a treatment regime given. Similarly, if your vision or eye health problems are caused by lifestyle issues, like overuse of computers etc, then we will educate you in the action required to minimise or prevent the problem.

In many cases the information you require to improve your eye health, will be given to you in an informative handout.  This will allow you to refer to it at home, as new or better habits are learned. Of course at all times our patients are encouraged to contact us or call in with any queries or need for advice.

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Medical Cards / PRSI

optician galwayDid you know that our high quality eye examination is FREE for eligible PRSI and medical card claimants? The process is simple and we can guide you through each step

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