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At Andrea Concannon Opticians Galway we have always been at the forefront of developments in eye health and vision improvement.

opticians galway cityIn recent years there have been significant discoveries made by scientists in the field of vision health. Research has resulted in key vitamins and lubricants being found to be vital to disease prevention and vision protection, especially in relation to macular degeneration.

Keeping abreast of these developments through continúal education and peer networking, Andrea Concannon has been able to provide her patients with information, food supplements and eye drops designed for eye health, way before they reach mainstream sources.

Products like Macushield, Lutein Omega 3, Clinitas Soothe, Systane and many more are constantly kept in stock for Andrea’s patients.

Dry eye syndrome

Paradoxically, the main symptom of dry eye syndrome is watery eyes! This is because the tears have not formed properly with an oily film around them, which allows them to adhere to the eyeball and lubricate it. Instead the tears overspill out of the eye, causing the surface to become dry, itchy, gritty and inflamed.

Andrea has great expertise in diagnosing and treating dry eye syndrome, including fitting punctal plugs. Andrea will devise a treatment plan for sufferers and advise on lifestyle changes which can help alleviate the problem.

opticians galway cityComputer eyes

One of the main lifestyle causes of dry eyes is overuse of computers and hand held devices like i-phones and gaming consuls.

Normally, our eyes blink approximately twenty times a minute, keeping our eyes nicely lubricated with fresh tears. However, when viewing computers and hand held devices our blink rate can drop to as low as only seven times a minute. This naturally leads to a gradual drying of the surface of the eye.

Although the use of eye drops can be of benefit, it is far better for your eye health if you adopt better habits when using these gadgets. Taking a break every twenty minutes and remembering to frequently change your point of focus away from the screen, will help greatly.

“Eyes and computer use” is one of many information handouts that Andrea has prepared for her patients education. Following your eye exam you may be issued with one such handout, if relevant, allowing you to use it for future reference.

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Medical Cards / PRSI

optician galwayDid you know that our high quality eye examination is FREE for eligible PRSI and medical card claimants? The process is simple and we can guide you through each step

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