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We are passionate about children's eyecare!

At Andrea Concannon Opticians Galway we recommend to all parents that they have their children’s eyes examined at the age of 3 and again at 5. If you have a concern at any age then act, don’t delay. Development of eye function has a direct effect on learning ability and progress in general. Therefore it is critical that children have their vision properly assessed.
We want to change popular misconceptions like: children don't need eye exams until they know the alphabet, or, if there doesn't seem to be an issue there isn't one!

All children need their eyes examined at ages 3 and 5 - it's an essential part of their overall health and developmental check.
Our specialist children's eye examinations are just €25 and children are our VIPs!

An experienced Optometrist is best placed to inform you of your child's eye health and vision development. It is extremely important that parents are aware that some vision problems cannot be corrected after the age of seven.
This is particularly relevant to a condition commonly known as a squint. However, parents should be equally aware that a child may not exhibit a squint but can have reduced vision in one eye, which again must be addressed well before the age of seven.

Our  advice, please, please have your child's vision examined if you have any doubts or any family history and in any case at aged three and five. There need not even appear to be any issues at all but it’s their vision, their development, their life. Don’t assume or worse neglect, – ACT!!!!

To have your child’s vision expertly examined, phone Andrea Concannon Opticians on 091 586748.


Medical Cards / PRSI

optician galwayDid you know that our high quality eye examination is FREE for eligible PRSI and medical card claimants? The process is simple and we can guide you through each step

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Celine, Sligo
Such a great selection of frames, especially the designers! And great help from the staff when it comes to choosing!

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