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Eyedream lens wearer 4 yrs

Andrea introduced these lenses to me 4 yrs ago. I was having trouble with dry eyes during the day on the computer. I could not wear contact lenses in work and I hated my glasses.
I found the glasses so inconvenient esp when they fogged up coming indoors from outside. It was also a pain having to switch from glasses to sunglasses during the summer.
The freedom I have is amazing.I can go swimming without having to worry about contact lenses.
I had considered laser eye surgery but was worried about its safety. These lenses are like laser results but not permanent so I can also go back to glasses if I want to.
Couldn't recommend them and Concannon opticians enough.

Joanne 49 yrs Ennis

I am now wearing these amazing...
January 2018 Orthokeratology patient

I started wearing these lenses 4 months ago.
I had considered laser surgery but wanted to try a reversible option. I was previously wearing daily disposable lenses and found that I needed to take the lenses out earlier and earlier due to dry eyes.
These lenses are so so convenient. My dry eye problems during the day are now gone. My vision is very good for both distance and reading. I am also very happy with all my follow up appointments.
I would strongly recommend these lenses.

Female, Galway 45yrs

Joe, Clare. eyedream patient
October 2016
The thought of never having to wear glasses or contacts during the day is what first prompted me to get these contacts. Although very skeptical at first, I couldn't believe how well they work and the change was overnight which was unbelievable.

The best thing about Eyedream is the change in my confidence as I was very self conscious about wearing glasses.
Now for just a couple of mins "work" before I go to bed I have near 20/20 vision throughout the day, and sometimes if I miss a nights wear the vision is still excellent the following day.

I can not recommend Andrea Concannon highly enough.
Very friendly, professional and approachable.
For anyone considering Eyedream, a call to Andrea's is a MUST.
Best Decision I ever made!

Andrew, 34, Ennis
I cannot state enough how happy I am with these miracle lenses.
I go to bed every night looking forward to my brilliant vision the next morning!!
I have always hated glasses.And my eyes were too dry for daily contact lenses.
I only wore the glasses when i really had to.
Now I walk down the street seeing everything in 3D vision. 
Thank you Concannon opticians - wish I had heard of these lenses years ago.

Irina, Dublin
I heard about ortho-k lenses a couple of months ago from my cousin.
I made enquiries at all of the opticians in Dublin and Galway and only Andrea agreed to check my eyes for ortho-k, the others said that my sight was too bad and my eyes would not be suitable for the treatment.
Now, it's almost 3 weeks gone and I have perfect sight during the day and don't need my usual contact lenses anymore! 
I have to say that Andrea and her team are wizards, they are absolutely great, friendly and helpful. I am very very grateful to all of them.

Abbie, 4
The ophthalmologist recommended I bring my daughter Abbie to Andrea Concannon Opticians after prescribing glasses for her. The staff were so helpful and lovely. They helped us choose the perfect pair of glasses for Abbie who was not keen on the idea at first but by the time we were leaving she was actually looking forward to getting them! They explained all about the best lenses for Abbie's prescription and this really put me at ease. I'm so happy we went!

Up until a few weeks ago I never knew that there was an alternative to laser eye surgery so when I found out about the Ortho K lenses that allow me to wear corrective lenses while I sleep at night and wear no glasses or lenses during the day I was amazed.  More amazingly they really work!  I am wearing the lenses for just a week now and I already have perfect vision, I read, I drive and can even do very fine close work with no glasses.  I am absolutely delighted with the lenses and the guys at Andrea Conannon were brilliant.  I would highly recommend the Eyedream system to anyone.

Mary, Gort
I came to Andrea Concannon's for an eye exam on my sister's recommendation. I had my four year old son Conor with me and Andrea asked if I had had his eyes examined before, it hadn't crossed my mind as he didn't seem to have any problems, Andrea advised me that all children should have a full eye examination by an optometrist at least by three years of age. I was so pleased with my eye examination I didn't hesitate to follow her advice. I am so grateful that I did as Andrea discovered that Conor had very poor vision in his left eye. She referred him urgently to a specialist and he was seen within a week. He is now having occlusion therapy and the chances of improving his vision are very good. It would not have been the case if he had never had that eye exam. I cannot express how grateful I am to her!

John, Loughrea
I thought I was well beyond contact lenses until Andrea fitted me with multifocal daily disposables which have been like a Godsend! Thanks Andrea!

Sarah, Moycullen
I had just pretty much decided on laser eye surgery when my research online led to me orthokeratology treatment. Andrea Concannon Opticians were one of only two practices in Ireland offering the treatment and when I phoned them it almost sounded too good to be true! I was prepared to spend thousands on laser eye surgery and I'm so glad I chose to have the Eyedream lenses fitted instead. The process is safe, affordable, effective and reversible. I put the lenses in before I go to sleep at night and I take them out when I wake up in the morning, I have perfect vision all day long - without glasses and without contact lenses. I would highly recommend this treatment!

Celine, Sligo
Such a great selection of frames, especially the designers! And great help from the staff when it comes to choosing!

Megan, Salthill
Everyone asks me where I got my glasses, I send them to Andrea Concannon Opticians!

Martin, Galway
Always a pleasure to have my eyes examined at Concannon's. Andrea and her staff are so accommodating and professional. I never feel rushed or uncertain of anything and my glasses have always been perfect!

Barry, Galway
Dedicated, interested and great for the chats!

Jade, Galway City
I can't sing their praises highly enough, A1 customer service & a fantastic range, highly recommended! :)

Valerie, Galway
Thank you for THE most professional, thorough, friendly eye exam today. Looking forward to my new Escada reading glasses soon.

Ann, Galway
What a fantastic service you people provide. I've tried the rest but found the best!

Assumpta, Galway
Super service and super staff!!! :-)

Shannon, Tuam
I am so relieved that I brought Shannon to see Andrea on my GP's recommendation. Although myself and my husband have no history of visual problems Andrea discovered that Shannon had an undiagnosed lazy eye. She referred Shannon to an excellent consultant and thanks to her quick action, the prognosis for Shannon is very positive.

Mags, Galway City
I've been to a few opticians in my time and the service at Concannon's is second to none!

Rory, Tralee
I've been using the Eyedream lenses for a couple of weeks. The process couldn't have been simpler or clearer. Andrea and her staff made sure I was fully informed and knew what to expect every step of the way. Just one month into the treatment and I have perfect vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses!

Seanin, Aran Islands
"I have great faith in Andrea after she referred me to a consultant when she noticed an abnormality inside my eye. Thanks to her quick action I had it seen to and taken care of within a matter of weeks. I always return to her for my annual eye exam."

Fergal, Renmore
"I've worn glasses and contact lenses since I was a teenager. Glasses never looked right on me and I always hated the hassle of contact lenses - like forgetting my solution or tearing a lens. Last year Andrea fitted me with the new Eyedream lenses and I can honestly say it changed my life. I have perfect vision without glasses or contact lenses and I only wear the lenses at night when I'm asleep so they don't bother me one bit! Thank you Andrea!"

Danielle, Oranmore
"I was devastated when I found out I needed glasses but Andrea and her staff completely changed my mind by helping me to pick out a beautiful pair that really suited me. I love wearing them!"

Nicole, Doughiska

Nicole is delighted with the new vision she is getting from her ortho-k or Eyedream lenses. Life without glasses has made a huge difference for Nicole – find out why and read Nicole’s testimony below!

What prompted you to get these lenses?
I play sports like football, karate and swimming and I also play the piano and the guitar.

What’s the best thing about the Eye Dream lenses?
No glasses anymore! I can play sports a lot better, I couldn’t wear my glasses for safety reasons so I couldn’t play to the best of my ability. Now nothing stands in my way! I can see so clearly and they are so easy to apply.

Tracy, 21

This time it’s from Tracy in Galway aged 21

When did you start your eye dream treatment?
12th of May

What prompted you to get these lenses?
I’ve never been comfortable wearing glasses in public and my eyes have become increasingly dry over the past few years which has greatly limited my use of soft contact lenses. As soon as I heard about the ortho-k lenses I knew they were the perfect option for me.

What’s the best thing about the eye dream lenses?
I’ve had poor eyesight since as long as I can remember. Good vision is definitely taken for granted by so many people. I feel blessed to be able to see perfectly all day without the use of glasses and simply by wearing eye dream lenses while I sleep. In addition, my eyes feel far less tired and dry/irritated because I no longer require daily contacts. For years I’ve walked around “half-blind” whilst unintentionally ignoring people I know! Fortunately, I’ll never have that problem again. I only wish I had discovered these lenses sooner and I hope to spread the word about these lenses so that more people can benefit too. There are two words to sum up my eye dream experience: life changing

Mary, Waterford


When did you start your eyedream treatment?
May 2014

What prompted you to get these lenses?
Andrea Concannon told me about the lenses and I said I’d give them a try – the best thing I ever did!!! I was getting married a few weeks later, instead of wearing glasses or soft lenses for the whole day the eyedream was a perfect solution.

What’s the best thing about the eye dream lenses?
I can see clearly all day from 8am to bed time, it’s great and I get to wear normal sunglasses for the first time in a long time. I would highly recommend these lenses to anyone who doesn’t like wearing glasses. Thank you Andrea for a new beginning!

Maureen, Barna
"Andrea has been looking after my eyesight since 2006. I have always found her to be so thorough and efficient. She is able to answer all of my questions and concerns in a manner that I can understand. She really helped me with my dry eyes and is always happy to give advice when it comes to eye health. I feel that I can rest assured in her care"

Sarah, Salthill

"I have my glasses and contact lens prescription renewed every year at Andrea Concannon Opticians. Andrea looks after my vision very well and has always ensured that I am seeing the best that I can. Her staff are really helpful too and I always end up with a pair of glasses I really like. Overall attending Andrea's practice is always a very enjoyable experience!"


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Shannon, Tuam
I am so relieved that I brought Shannon to see Andrea on my GP's recommendation. Although myself and my husband have no history of visual problems Andrea...

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